Junk Journals

1 front covers
Book Front Covers They are arranged in order from first to last, with the little green one being my first attempt. It was made from a Girl Guide cookie box. These books were created mostly from materials that I would normally toss in the recycling bin…. cookie boxes, shoe boxes, magazines, used sketch pads, broken jewelry, leftover school supplies, etc.



1 Varity Boom Page 2
Mixed Media, Tea Dyed, Variety Book
1 Varity Book Page
Mixed Media, Tea dyed, Pocket, Variety Book
1 books open
1 black book inside corner detail
Inside Cover Detail, Black Book
1 Brown book inside front
Inside Cover Detail, Brown Book
1 Brown Book Page
Mixed Media Page, Brown Book
1 Book Spines
Book Spines
1 back covers
Back covers
Journal, Front Cover Detail
11/28/2014 This is my latest journal which is still is a work in progress, there are no pages in it yet. I wanted to make a pretty journal and not being a very girly girl this was my take on a ‘pretty’ journal. I bought the paper for this cover so it was was not recycled, but most of the pages will be made from recycled materials. This book measures 10″H x 7 1\4″ W x 2″D.
Journal front covers
This is a shot of the outside covers. While the paper on the cover is new, the rest is all old stuff. The gold button is actually a clip on shoe decoration. The chipboard that makes up the body of the cover was reclaimed from an old Christmas journal and the self adhesive gold foil I’ve had for years and years. I’m surprised that the adhesive still worked.
Journal inside covers
This is a shot of the inside covers. The lace was a gift from my friend Deb and is pretty old. The two holes on the back cover is where I’ll add a piece of elastic lace trim to hold the book closed. I plan on making it a very chunky book!









Rose Junk Journal Cover
This little journal measure 5″ x 7″. It was made using a discarded wallpaper book, newsprint packing paper, old cards, broken jewelry, ribbon scraps, scrap booking paper (the only new paper used), used wrapping paper, sheet music and some old velum. I used the wallpaper on the cover only.
Rose Junk Journal Bling
I love charms on the spines of junk journals but they can making working in the book awkward. This charm tassel can be removed if needed. I used my sewing machine to sew in a lot of embellishments rather than glue them in. I left the pink thread ends long to give the book a slightly tattered look.
Rose Junk Journal Ribbon Closure
The pages were edged with pink water color pencil and metallic gold paint, then dipped in water. The water color pencil activates in the water and runs. The finished papers appear old and water damaged. They are faintly pink, frilly and have a gold sparkle. They also makes a lovely crinkly sound.
Rose Junk Journal Chunky
The ribbon closure used a very old button that was from a collection that belonged to my friend Deb’s late mother, Betty. I never knew Betty but she must have loved buttons because she had some real beauties. The ribbon was from a bag of chocolates. I save all kinds of bits because you never know when they will be just the thing that is needed. The color of this ribbon scrap was perfect.


Rose Junk Journal Inside Front Cover
This is the inside front cover. The small gold heart button serves to reinforce the button closure on the front. The rose image is also from the wallpaper book.


Rose Junk Journal Open
I love it when they fan open like this. I still have a lot to do on the book. There are tags to make to fill its many little pockets and lots of empty pages still.





2 thoughts on “Junk Journals

    Deb F-M said:
    January 29, 2015 at 12:04 PM

    Such amazing talent – these are BEAUTIFUL works of ART!!! And you write in such a wonderful lyrical way, it makes one want to read more…….. BRAVO!!!!

    Sharon said:
    February 12, 2016 at 4:53 PM

    They are beautiful Susan–I love mine

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