Tower Fan Facelift

I was originally going to post this as one of my Simple Ideas but it wasn’t all that simple so I added it as its own DIY.

Original Fan

Fan with yellowing housing.

We have owned this Black and Decker fan for many years. It has worked faithfully but the housing was beginning to yellow. I had no idea how bad the yellowing was until I took these shots. Wow! It looks like I tried to paint it mustard and failed badly. I got a little involved with taking it apart and forgot to take a before shot. However it was already in pieces from being stored all winter. I didn’t feel like assembling it for the before shot but you can imagine how shabby it would have looked since it had taken on more then one shade of mustard yellow.

I thought I wanted to paint this fan black since it is used in the living room but I had lots of the Honeydew spray paint leftover from painting my first fan and since it is a summer fan I thought a summer color would do. Besides this makes it a totally inexpensive facelift because I didn’t have to buy any more paint.

The first thing I had to do was figure out if and how I could take the fan apart. After a bit of Googling I found some instructions here.  They were a little vague but I eventually figured them out and got the back panel off of the fan. It wasn’t easy but this let me spray paint everything without having to tape over the vents. Had I been forced to cover the vents then they would have been left that awful yellow. The only thing I ended up having to tape off was the control panel. I did paint over the clear plastic little flip lid on the top of the fan. It covers the compartment where you are suppose to store the fans remote control. It wasn’t the most attractive color so I just painted over it rather then try to tape it off. To protect the interior I just slipped some newspaper around everything and taped it closed. Once that was all done it was a simple process to spray paint all the parts and let them dry.

Covering the fan interior
Wrapping the interior bits with paper.
Painting in Progress
The fan base with the half at the top painted.

Some people might wonder why I would bother fixing up such an old fan. The fan was still working fine but it was ugly… to be honest it never was pretty, but the horrid color that it had become made it even worse. Once I got it apart painting it was easy. Now it looks all clean and shiny and will probably carry on cooling our living room for a few more summers. Plus buying a new fan would have cost much more than a can of spray paint.

And! I got to figure out how to dismantle the thing which is always fun!

Painted Fan Front Painted Fan Back

Here we are all done. You are never going to find a fan this color in a store!



One thought on “Tower Fan Facelift

    Sharon said:
    July 4, 2014 at 10:21 PM

    Well done Susan

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