An Ikea Makeover

We had purchased IKEA cube shelving for our two boys because they were great for clothing as well as toys. The look is so basic that the cubes worked for the boys even as they got older. The shelves were called Expedit I think and I’m sure most people have seen them. Our eldest son had a 4 x 4 cube shelf that he didn’t want to take with him when he finally flew the nest a couple of years ago. I moved it into our tiny third bedroom that would eventually become my girly spare bedroom /walk in closet /reading retreat.

The cubes are great because they hold a ton of things without taking up a lot of floor space but I have two issues with them. One – the cubes are transparent so you can see in them which is handy but I don’t like the cluttered appearance. Two- the plastic has a blue tint that I don’t like. This was not the look I wanted for my girly room.

I decided to paint just the front of each cube which was far cheaper than buying new storage cubes. I’m sure other people must have done this but I couldn’t find any examples. So I thought I’d post what an amazing difference a couple of cans of spray paint can make. I used Krylon Fusion for Plastic spray paint in a color called Honeydew Melon. I gave each cube front two coats of paint to get a nice solid color.  I didn’t paint the sides because I didn’t want to risk the paint rubbing off onto the wood. I also left the backs unpainted so, if I wanted, I could change the color.  If you paint cubes that are already assembled make sure to tape off the backs of the little square openings or you will have paint inside the cubes as well.

I was unable to take a shot of the whole thing because the bed was in the way… it is a tiny, ever so tiny room, but you can see what a cleaner appearance they have now.

Ikea Cube Shelf before….
…and After



One thought on “An Ikea Makeover

    Jennie Andrews said:
    August 3, 2017 at 6:25 AM

    Thank you! I was wondering if this would work.

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