Simple Ideas

Button Display

I like buttons… no that is a lie. I love buttons especially old buttons. I like to sort through them and image what they were from or how old they are. I even like the feel of buttons. So no surprise that I had a large bag of buttons. My mother in law noticed them and one day she gave me all of her buttons as well as her mother’s buttons. So now I had three bags of buttons. Somehow a dingy plastic bag didn’t do them justice. I decided I that I wanted to display them in pretty jars like candies. So off to HomeSense to do a bit of rummaging, shopping in HomeSense always feel like rummaging to me. I found several inexpensive apothecary type jars so I decided to get a jar for the seashell collection that was hiding at the back of the linen closet and one for the marble collection that my boys and I had gathered over the years. It is amazing how many marbles you find when walking around schools. I told my pal Deb about my button obsession, like she hadn’t already noticed, and she gave me her mother’s button collection. So now I have the collections of three very grand ladies besides my own and you can notice a real difference in the types of buttons each lady found worthy of keeping. The buttons also make an unusual memento. The button cards were a gift from my step mother Sharon and they make a perfect backdrop.

So here is my first Simple Idea.  Buttons displayed like candy.  20140404_144217

Magazine Storage.

Do you have a fireplace that you never use?  We do. Do you have a lot of magazines in need of a home?  We do.  I saw this done awhile ago in a magazine but it was done with hardcover books. I thought why not magazines? Here is a Simple Idea


Picture Gallery

Yes I know I know, picture gallery walls are everywhere right now. Anyone who has ever looked at a magazine in the last couple of years has seen them. I just wanted to point out a little detail that I discovered when I did mine. I’m sure that most of us have pictures stashed away in dusty corners of the house because you have grown tired of them, or they don’t work with your current decorating scheme or in the case of the large dragon picture in my gallery… the subject matter is just not something I want to display in my home anymore. I outgrew dragons a long time ago. However I put a lot of time into stitching that dragon and just couldn’t bear to get rid of it. I decided to include it in my gallery because I could always take it out again if I wasn’t happy with it. So I got the dragon out from the back of the closet and the rest of the pictures were rescued from under beds and I created a small picture gallery in the third bedroom. To my surprise the subject matter became secondary once they were all up. It was more about the shapes and colors of the frames. So now my dragon picture no longer screams dragon like it did when it was hanging by itself and I can live with it again. For awhile anyway. So if you have a pile of tired pictures, dig them out and try this Simple Idea.


Temporary Hanger

Want to hang something out to dry in the sun but don’t want to put nails or hooks in the fence. Try this Simple Idea which uses a small clamp as a temporary hook for the hanger.


Painted Table Fan

I bought a new fan for a bedroom and I wasn’t all that thrilled with the way it looked. It was boring and no matter how much I fiddled with it, the logo refused to sit straight. Crooked things are a pet peeve of mine that I inherited from my dad.

I took the fan apart and spray painted everything but the main body. I didn’t paint that part for a few reasons. I didn’t want to bother with taping all the little openings, (taping is a chore I don’t enjoy at all),  I didn’t want to risk getting paint in the motor because spray paint is insidious and it will find the tiniest openings and I didn’t want to loose the lettering by the buttons. I could have added new letters but… meh, why bother. Also I wanted a two toned effect so the fan would have a bit of a retro feel.  The spray paint I used was Honeydew by Krylon.

So after painting and reassembling, I think it looks more interesting,

and there is no crooked logo!

2014-06-21 12.27.56 2014-06-21 12.40.45 2014-06-21 15.06.29

This would also be a good way to update an older fan that is starting to look tired. I do have an old white fan that is starting to yellow and look rather shabby, but it still works fine. I’ll have a look at it and see if I can freshen it up a bit however it is one of those tower fans so I may not be able to get enough of it apart for painting. For some reason vital bits, like wires, always seem to be permanently attached to the inside of the plastic housing on electrical things. Anyway I’ll post the results if it works out.

Update: Well I decided to tackle that tower fan but it was too complicated to call a Simple Idea so I posted it here.



One thought on “Simple Ideas

    Sharon said:
    June 21, 2014 at 6:12 PM

    The fan does look a lot better than just white

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