The Rescue of the Green Lady

This project was more of a repair then a DIY. I visit my local S.P.C.A. thrift store once a week on average, and about 4 weeks ago they got in this figurine which caught my eye. The paint is very bright and poorly done and the whole thing is really not my taste. The figurine was very chipped and battered but for some reason it called to me every time I visited the store. Each week when I walked in the door and saw that she was still there I would silently swear to myself because I knew I was being tempted. Plus she was priced at more then I wanted to pay given her condition.So after thinking about it for three weeks and going back and forth on whether I wanted it or not I finally decided to buy the figurine last week, and bring her home. I had done this type of repair years and years ago for a small shop so I thought why not do it for myself this time.The white band on her hips made her legs looks too short, the green paint looked like nail polish, the black accents were just painfully bold and I have no idea what the orange lumps on her hat are suppose to be. Flowers?

The plan is to mend all of her chips and fill the dozens of tiny pinholes that dot her surface. Then sand her down and give her a new coat of pale ivory paint. The lines of the figurine are what I find most appealing and that is what I want to bring out. So by painting her all one color I hope to give her a longer and more graceful appearance.

I have no idea why I felt compelled to do this. I don’t even like figurines.

The Green Lady
The Green Lady measures 19.5 inches tall.
The most difficult damage to repair will be the large chip in her hat.
The most difficult damage to repair will be the large chip in her hat. One’s eye is usually drawn to the top of an object so a repair here will be really noticeable if not done carefully.
the Green Lady Back
The Green Lady Back
The neck is badly cracked and the head has a tiny bit of movement. Crucial repair here.
The neck is badly cracked and the head has a tiny bit of movement. Crucial repair here.

I’ve been working on the Green Lady for about a week…on and off.  I filled the chips and pinholes and sanded them all smooth. The large chip on her hat was repaired by building up a patch layer by layer and letting it dry in between each layer. I also sanded out the waistband detail so she would have a longer cleaner line from shoulder to toe. I didn’t take any shots of the repairs because there really wasn’t much to see, just the statue looking more and more scuffed up and covered in white blotches of Poly Filla.

I decided to put a test coat of paint on her because nothing shows up flaws better then a fresh coat of shiny paint. The  paint did reveled several spots that still needed work and more damn pinholes! I can’t believe I missed so many but that green paint was good at hiding them. More filling and sanding…



More damn Pinholes
Rough Spots
Rough Spots
More Rough Spots
More Rough Spots
















The biggest problem area was the base which surprised me. The more I tried to fix it the more it chipped and flaked so I reluctantly decided to leave it be rather then redo the whole surface of it. The base had a different finish then the rest of the statue which didn’t take sanding well.

Ivory Lady Finished Ivory Lady Here she is all finished and I think she came out rather well. She is not 100% perfect but her flaws are tiny and not as obvious as they were. I didn’t use anything fancy to repair the statue. Since she was plaster I used Poly Filla by LePage to fill the chips and repair her hat and fine sandpaper to smooth things out. The ivory spray paint I used was Krylon ColorMaster. It took almost the whole can to cover up that awful green and the really strong black on her hair, face and shoes.

She has been renamed The Ivory Lady.

Before and After



We have been living with the Ivory Lady for a couple of weeks now. When I first brought her home the look on Chris’s face summed up his feeling on her very well. He didn’t say so but you could tell he hated the statue. My son, Stephen, was equally unimpressed. As I mentioned earlier I’m not a fan of this type of thing either. She fell into that category that I call kitsch, which is not something I was ever attracted to. However I have actually grown attached the statue.

I asked Chris what he thought of it because I felt that if he still hated it I should move it to less prominent spot then the one it now occupies. To my surprise he admitted that he really likes the statue now.  He likes her long graceful figure, which is what I saw in the statue before I bought it. Since Chris totally hates kitsch I’m calling this project a huge success!



4 thoughts on “The Rescue of the Green Lady

    Sharon said:
    June 12, 2014 at 11:52 AM

    Your new set up looks really good. I really like the before and after pictures of the lady–hard to believe the same figurine.

      ithlia responded:
      June 12, 2014 at 12:07 PM

      Thanks Sharon!

    Sharon said:
    June 12, 2014 at 5:56 PM

    Your Dad thinks you should take it to the SPCA Thrift Shop and show them it now

    Deb F-M said:
    June 19, 2014 at 1:09 PM


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